Business Information Warehouse And Business Intelligence Solutions

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Most executives know that a business information warehouse can make their company's operations more efficient and reduce costs. Yet the probably don't know how to create one. Others may not even know what a BW is or how it can help their organization.

Why Need a Data Warehouse
Such a warehouse is a networked electronic database that stores all of an organization's data and information. Not surprisingly it can save an enterprise a great deal of money by reducing the need for paper documentation, storage, files, file rooms, personnel, archives, printing and many other expenses.

If it is installed properly it should be possible for any member of an organization to access any piece of information in the business information warehouse from their computer. Everybody even those working from home and persons at distance branch offices can have real time access to everything they need.

There will be no more running to file room or waiting around while somebody orders documents from office site storage. An accountant who needs to see an invoice can see it instantly. An engineer who needs the plans to a particular machine can get them with a simple online search.

It will be easier than ever to comply with federal laws such as Sarbanes Oxley and to give potential clients a realistic overview of the company's operations. Almost any piece of data the company has can be available for presentations, conferences, board meetings etc.

How to Take Advantage of BW Solutions
The benefits of BW technology are obvious yet most enterprises don't know how to take advantage of it. The best way to implement such a data clearinghouse is to hire a certified business information warehouse consultant.

There are many excellent information warehouse solutions out there including ones from SAP. Best of all many of these solutions can be implemented virtually that means they can be quickly and easily loaded onto your existing computers and network.

This means the warehouse can be created almost instantly without disrupting your organization's operations. No additional equipment could be needed and storage could be done at a secure offsite facility. That means you can comply with laws without spending a fortune.

It may or may not be possible for an organization to implement these solutions. The only way to know for sure is to call upon the services of a certified BW consultant.

SAP Business Intelligence
There is much more that such a consultant can do for a company today. This includes business intelligence solutions which are often vital to a company's success.

For example, how does a management team know if its sales efforts are doing or if its' sales force is successful. A BI solution could put that data at the fingertips of all of a corporation's decisions makers on a real time basis.

Instead of making guesses, mangers could actually be making informed decisions with real time data. This could give a business the leg up on the competition it needs in today's business environment.

Decision makers could know what the company's sales will actually be and make decisions such as hiring and ordering of supplies based upon real information. This can make an organization more efficient and more profitable. Waste could be reduced and profits increased.

Expansion and other major changes to a company could be based upon real information. It could be easier for managers to get financing or investment with real time business intelligence that proves a company is actually making money.

The only way to get such real time information is with effective BI solutions. Effective BI solutions combined with an effective BW warehouse can greatly increase the efficiency and productivity of any organization.

The only way to take advantage of these solutions is with certified consultants. These consultants can tell you which solutions you need and show you the most cost effective means of taking advantage of them.
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Business Information Warehouse And Business Intelligence Solutions

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This article was published on 2011/01/20